Animal Handling Release

I have agreed to have my child/children photographed at Boston Photography LLC's studio at 2420 Los Robles Drive, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 on the date above during their Bunny and Chick Session.  It is my understanding that my child may handle rabbits and baby chickens and/or ducks as directed by Boston Photography personnel during their portrait session. If Boston Photography determines, under any circumstance, that my child is not able to handle the animal(s), they will do their best to still get portraits with the animals in the portraits, but if they unable, I will not hold this against Boston Photography in any manner.

 I voluntarily agree to assume all risks involved in my child's participation in this session including, but not limited to: risks of physical injury due to bites, scratches, and other unpredictable actions of animals, allergen exposure, animal fluid stains on clothing, etc.   The animals being used are pets that can often defecate or urinate on the individuals holding them.   I release Boston Photography LLC, its employees, and the animal owners from any and all liability, claims, costs, expenses, injuries and/or losses, that I or my child may sustain as a result of my participation in the above portrait session.

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